I’m sure you will have read in the news that the cost of building materials has risen by 20% or more this year. This includes plywood. As this is the main constituent of my shields, sadly this means that my prices, inevitably will be going up. However, most of the stock I have is made from ply purchased last year so I will be keeping prices as they are, at least until the end of September. So if you are thinking of buying a shield then now is the time!

Welcome to Shieldsplus –

Welcome to my website, if shields are what you are after you have come to the right place!
I make shields for Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Medievals and Tudors.  All manner of shapes and sizes of shield. I make shields for TV productions, movie productions, theatre productions and museums.
Battle ready shields, display shields and museum quality replicas are all available.
So, if you represent a museum, TV, theatre or movie company and are looking for something for a display or production, or if you are a Roman, Saxon, Viking, Norman, Medieval or Tudor  re-enactor  looking for a combat shield or just something to hang over the mantle piece, chances are I can help you.
Feel free to browse through these pages and have a look at my wares .

Email me at shieldsplus1@yahoo.co.uk to discuss your needs.